Introducing the WilsonPac 2018 (1.8L Reservoir)

Introducing the WilsonPac 2018 (1.8L Reservoir)

Are you training for your next endurance event?  We are rolling out the New WilsonPac 2018 (1.8L Reservoir)! This pac was inspired by the needs of our endurance SUP, ultra runner, and mountain bike athletes! 

The WilsonPac 2018 is the higher capacity update to our popular WilsonPac. 

Changes include an upgrade to the 1.8L reservoir with magnetic clip and a redesign of the shoulder straps. 

This version has static shoulder straps to account for the heavier water weight but still has comfortable elastic give sewn in at the buckle attachment point. Horizontal straps are still elastic and include tri-glides already installed to prevent strap slippage.

Supplies are limited so order yours today!