​Ensuring the Right Hydration Tube Length

​Ensuring the Right Hydration Tube Length

For some folks with a VestPac, the included hydration tube might just be a little too long. Whether you’re running ultras, mountain biking or paddling and don’t need all that length or you’re trying to keep the tube closer to your body in the winter, shortening the tube may be the right answer for you.

Below is a very quick guide for how to make this happen.

What you need:

  • 1)Sharp scissors
  • 2)Confidence you are cutting to the right length
  • 3)Band-aids (maybe)


Step 1: Gather the tools

Step 2: Pull out the mouthpiece. Depending on the tube, this may take a little work.

Step 3: Determine cut length. You need to know how much tube needs to me cut off. It’s always best to cut too little rather than too much!

Step 4: Make the cut! Keep everything square and make sure you aren’t cutting at an angle.

Step 4.1: Apply band-aids as necessary (no hand model was harmed in the making of this post)

Step 5: Align the mouthpiece. You may notice that the piece of tube you cut off looks thinner. That’s just because it’s been tightly sealed on the mouthpiece for a long time. Fear not, the mouthpiece will still fit in your newly shortened tube!

Step 6: Reinsert. It may take a little work but the mouthpiece will go all the way back into the tube.

Considerations: This modification is up to you to do right. If you need a shorter tube for whatever reason, go for it. Just make sure not to cut off too much!

Warranty: Your VestPac and hydration bladder are still under warranty, don’t worry. The only thing we won’t cover is if you accidently shorten the tube to 3 inches and expect a new one.