Bear Spray Case (Basic)

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Fits all major US bear spray brands; secures to VestPacs, backpack shoulder straps, bike tubes and more with 2x Velcro straps
Pocket – 2 in. diameter x 6 in. tall (stretch fabric)

Designed with the same material as our popular pacs, this bear spray case fits any canister with ~2 in. diameter (most popular sizes/brands).  The two durable Velcro closures on top and bottom of the case allow for easy attachment to belts, shoulder straps, bike tubes, and much more.  The case offers a snug fit which prevents the bear spray from sliding around but still allows crucial quick and easy access.

As with all VestPac products, this is backed by our 100% lifetime guarantee.

Guaranteed fit for:

UDAP: 7.9 oz, 9.2 oz
Counter Assault: 8.1 oz, 10.2 oz

*Bear Spray Canister not included