Waterproof Earwraps

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Waterproof Earwraps

Have you ever lost a pair of expensive earbuds due to water or sweat damage?  VestPac Waterproof Earwraps are completely water and sweat proof.  Pair them with the Waterproof Cell Phone Case (with headphone connection) for a totally waterproof way to plug into your favorite music.  VestPac waterproof earwraps have soft, comfortable silicone ear cushions to block out ambient noise.  They also have a flexible wrap-around ear piece so they stay put when you don't.  They are guaranteed for life up to a depth of 8 meters.  Available in two styles: Earbuds and Earwraps.

At VestPac, we consider our customers our family. That is why we offer a 100% lifetime guarantee. We wanted to guarantee them forever, but the lawyers put an end to that. When we say 100%, we mean it. Our guarantee not only covers manufacturer defects, but failure due to normal wear and tear. If your VestPac product ever breaks down, we will replace it for free. Accidents happen and we know it, so if your dog gets a hold of one of your straps, give us a call and we will do everything we can to get your gear back in working order. Please remember that we are family, so don’t abuse the guarantee. VestPac will not cover deliberate damage done to the product.