VestPac is a lightweight minimalist hydration pack designed to provide the best performance in every situation. VestPacs are designed to carry all of your essential gear in a way that's completely balanced and easy to access. Both front and back are constructed of our patented 3D Airmesh for sweat-eliminating climate control. The elastic straps adjust to provide a secure fit for all sizes, ensuring the VestPac never bounces or rubs. In other words, no distractions keeping you from enjoying Mother Nature the way you want to.


 VestPac was born in the outdoor enthusiast Mecca… Jackson Hole, Wyoming by founder Scott Shepherd. Scott was looking for a minimalist, durable, lightweight hydration system with easy access front pockets, no bulk and slim enough to wear under a jacket on the ski slopes. The pack also needed to be more comfortable than a traditional hydration pack, and above all it had to be cool.

After a lot of trial and error, the VestPac hydration pack started to take shape.

From adding elastic straps, front pockets for easy access to essential gear like iPhones, nutrition, and small tools, to the patented 3-D Airmesh design, the VestPac solution grew into the product it is today; a minimalist hydration pack providing ample ventilation and taking pressure off of the back and core so any outdoor enthusiast can stay fueled and enjoy the outdoors.


Many outdoors enthusiasts and athletes need a hydration pack for multiple activities like hiking, biking, skiing, running, fishing and SUPing. Each sport requires a unique gear set so the universal clip system was invented. This allows the front of the VestPac to be interchangeable in seconds. One pack is custom made for many different uses (biking, SUPing, fishing, skiing...and more!).

"I bought your GrandPac last fall but didn’t use it until this summer on training and endurance rides (equestrian). OMG, I LOVE IT. I have tried two Camelback packs and one Summit packs and HATED them. They rubbed, they bounced, they leaked, and they cut into me...even the ladies model bothered me. I put your pack on and totally forget it is on even while riding my bouncier horse." - Sally, Idaho 

At Vestpac, we are always testing new products, creating new pacs and solutions for the outdoors. We love being active and spending time in mother nature and we hope you will too!

If you have a need for a piece of outdoor equipment, please let us know and we will do our best to come up with a solution for you.